Benefits of a Post-Tensioned Concrete Running Track

What is post-tensioned concrete and what are the benefits?

Post-tensioning is a construction technique that involves creating tension in a concrete structure after the concrete has set, enhancing its strength and performance. This process typically involves placing steel cables/tendons inside the concrete formwork before the concrete is poured. Once the concrete has cured to a specified strength, the tendons are tensioned, effectively compressing the concrete creating a durable surface that will last for decades. 

Post-tensioned concrete can be used for various sports facilities and community projects including running tracks, tennis and pickleball courts and more. If you are wondering what post-tensioned concrete can do for your next project, read on. 

Reduced Cracking 

Post-tensioned concrete is less prone to continued cracking compared to conventional concrete or asphalt. The internal compression created by the tendons counteracts the forces that can lead to cracks in other sports performance surfaces such as asphalt. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the structure throughout its lifetime but also improves its long-term durability. 

Improved Durability 

The enhanced strength and reduced continued cracking of post-tensioned concrete contribute to its overall durability. This durability is especially valuable for projects where longevity is a key consideration. Post-tensioning’s unique process allows for the extended life of a structure and minimizes maintenance and repair needs, which leads to cost savings. 

Cost Savings 

While the initial construction cost for post-tensioned concrete may be slightly higher due to the materials and expertise required, the long-term cost savings can be significant. Post-tensioned concrete running track projects last 2-4x longer than their asphalt counterpart. Additionally, reduced maintenance and repair expenses, along with the ability to use thinner sections of concrete in certain applications, can lead to cost-effective solutions. 

Enhanced Sustainability 

Post-tensioned concrete can be considered a more sustainable construction option. In some instances, the post-tensioned composition and performance characteristics may allow for the reduced use of materials. Additionally, the longer lifespan of post-tensioned structures contributes to environmental benefits. The potential for thinner concrete sections can save resources and reduce the overall carbon footprint of construction projects. 

Peace of Mind 

Post-tensioned concrete is designed with the future in mind. Continual maintenance and facility repairs can be taxing on budgets and the staff responsible for those updates. The reduced risk of cracking and improved durability provides cost savings and peace of mind for years to come which can make a drastic difference for your community.

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