What is a certified field builder and why is it important for a sports facility owner? 

Constructing sports facilities requires a unique set of skills to ensure the perfect blend of functionality, safety, and longevity. One crucial aspect contributing to the success of these projects is the presence of industry-specific, knowledgeable professionals. In this blog, we’ll explain the American Sports Builders Association (ASBA), the ASBA-Certified Builder Program, and the benefits of hiring an ASBA-certified builder for your next project.

What is the American Sports Builders Association (ASBA)?

The ASBA is a national organization dedicated to promoting excellence in the design, construction, and maintenance of sports facilities. It develops and publishes construction guidelines and standards for the highest-quality sports facilities. Additionally, the ASBA offers educational programs, seminars, and workshops to enhance the knowledge and skills of industry professionals while recognizing experts in sports construction and maintenance.

What is the ASBA-Certified Builder Program?

The ASBA-Certified Builder Program is a professional certification acknowledging individuals and companies with demonstrated expertise in constructing and maintaining sports facilities. Prominent certifications include the Certified Track Builder and Certified Field Builder programs, specializing in the construction and maintenance of running tracks and sports fields. The rigorous certification process involves meeting specific experience and education requirements and passing an exam testing knowledge of construction practices, industry standards, and technical specifications. Throughout their career, certified builders must also continue their education to stay updated on industry advancements.

Hiring a Certified Builder

Sports construction projects are significant undertakings, including ASBA certification requirements in your project specifications guarantees that knowledgeable professionals with the necessary experience are on board, making your project a success. Whether constructing a post-tensioned running track or a synthetic turf football field, these certified experts understand the specific needs of each sport, making certain that the final product meets industry standards and regulations.

Planning and Preconstruction Benefits

Working with ASBA-certified team members allows for detailed planning, including a full site assessment to determine the best location and design for your facility. Certified builders can plan and build comprehensive track and field stadiums including bleachers, lights, concessions, restrooms, parking lots, press boxes, and sidewalks, ensuring all components work together seamlessly. Their extensive industry experience also provides accurate cost estimates, helping you plan and budget effectively while identifying cost-saving opportunities all without compromising quality.

Construction Benefits

Certified builders excel in efficient project management, creating detailed and realistic timelines to keep the project on schedule. They adhere to rigorous construction standards established by the ASBA, ensuring superior quality, durability, and safety in their projects. Their knowledge of local, state, and national regulations guarantees compliance with all relevant sports industry standards. Additionally, their experience mitigates potential issues early, preventing costly mistakes and rework, and ultimately saving money.

Closeout and Ongoing Maintenance

Certified builders use high-quality materials and precise construction techniques, extending the facility’s life cycle and reducing the need for frequent repairs and replacements. They often provide ongoing support and maintenance services, keeping the facilities in excellent condition. This continuous support and attention to detail illustrate the broader advantages of hiring an ASBA-certified builder. 

When you hire an ASBA-certified builder for your athletic facility project, you gain specialized expertise ensuring high-quality construction, efficient project management, and increased facility longevity. 

If you would like to hire an ASBA-certified team member for your next project, contact us today to learn more. 

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