5 Benefits of Working with an ASBA Certified Builder 

What is the ASBA Certified Builder Program and why is it important?

Constructing sports facilities requires a unique set of skills and ability to ensure the perfect blend of functionality, safety, and longevity. One crucial aspect that significantly contributes to the success of sports construction projects is the presence of industry-specific, knowledgeable professionals. The Certified Field and Track Builder programs were developed by the ASBA to help raise professional standards and improve the practice of sports facility construction.  

For an individual to be certified they must meet minimum experience requirements and take an extensive exam on industry-specific knowledge that must be passed to become certified. This is a lengthy, complex process that provides a means of identifying experienced professionals who have met a higher standard of achievement. 

What are the benefits?

American Sports Builders Association Certified Field and Track Builders bring much knowledge and experience to the construction site, offering many benefits that directly impact the project’s quality and efficiency. 

Expertise in Sports-Specific Construction

Adding ASBA certification to your project specifications ensures the owners get knowledgeable professionals with the necessary sports construction experience to make their project successful. Whether it’s a running track or a synthetic turf football field, these certified experts understand the specific needs of each sport, ensuring that the final product meets industry standards and regulations every time.

Quality Assurance

Certification programs for field and track builders often involve rigorous training and education, emphasizing the importance of quality in construction. Having a certified professional on-site ensures that the project adheres to the highest standards, reducing the risk of errors and costly rework. This commitment to quality leads to top-notch sports facilities every time. 

Industry Standards

Sports construction projects must adhere to many regulations and standards, ranging from safety codes to sport-specific tolerances. Certified Field and Track Builders stay updated on these regulations, ensuring that the construction site complies with all requirements. This not only safeguards the well-being of athletes and spectators but also protects the investment in the facility. 

Optimized Project Management

These certified professionals are well-versed in project management specific to sports construction. They understand the importance of keeping all parties informed during every phase of the project while using their ability for efficient planning, coordination, and execution, resulting in timely completion and cost-effectiveness for the project. This streamlined approach minimizes delays and ensures that the sports facility is ready for use within the planned timeframe.

Long-Term Performance and Maintenance

Certified Field and Track Builders take a holistic approach to construction, considering the long-term performance and maintenance requirements of sports facilities. Their expertise extends beyond the initial construction phase, encompassing proper maintenance practices that contribute to the extended life and functionality of the sports surface for years to come.

In the competitive world of sports construction, having a Certified Field and Track Builder on your construction site is a strategic investment for the project owner and community. It will ultimately pay dividends in terms of quality, compliance, and long-term success. These professionals bring specialized knowledge, a commitment to excellence, and a dedication to staying at the forefront of industry advancements, ensuring that the sports facility not only meets but exceeds expectations.  

If you’re considering a new track or field facility and want ASBA-certified team members to get the job done right, contact us today.